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Is Your School Prepared to Safeguard Students Online?

Your students' digital presence isn't as temporary as they believe.

Every post, photo, comment—they might think it disappears, but it doesn't. It's permanently etched online, accessible long after they hit 'delete.'

Parents, teachers, students—are mainly in the dark about the real-life consequences of a misstep online. One wrong click can open the door to cyberbullying or worse, online predators.

Ignoring cyber safety isn't just about privacy; it's about protecting their future from the addictive clutches of technology.

At Cyber Safe School, we deliver a no-nonsense, proactive cyber safety strategy. We equip your community with practical, straightforward principles to secure their online activities.

And empower your students to navigate the web with confidence and safety. Because when it comes to our children, safe isn't just an option; it's the only way forward.

Being Cyber Safe means online risk is minimized. Safety is maximized.



Increased Risk of Social Media Addiction

95% OF YOUTH AGES (13-17)

Spend 5-9 hours of daily screen time.

More than 50% abuse social media for 4+ hours - with YouTube & TikTok vying for children's attention the most.

Damaging Exposure To Unsafe Content


Have encountered at least ONE cyber threat online.

6-in-10 adolescent girls report being contacted by a stranger over social media in ways that make them feel uncomfortable.

Poor Mental Health, Brain Development


Who use social media more than 3 hours per day DOUBLE the risk of experiencing poor mental health outcomes.

Leading to depression, anxiety, and distinct alterations in healthy brain development.

"A multipronged approach to social media management, including time limits, parental monitoring and supervision, and ongoing discussions about social media can help parents protect teens’ brain development"

Problem #1

Online Safety Education: The Majority Of Parents Are Uninformed

Uninformed parents significantly heighten the risks their children face online. With 93% of children aged 8 to 17 active online, and nearly three out of four encountering at least one cyber threat, the lack of awareness among parents becomes glaringly problematic. Most of these incidents go unreported, showcasing a dire need for parental education on cyber safety practices.

84% of parents are concerned about their child's online safety.

Only 16% of parents talk to their children about online safety issues.

Problem #2

Inadequate Supervision : Online Activities Are Not Properly Supervised

Unsupervised internet usage by children is an alarm bell for potential danger. Without proper adult oversight, a child's innocent click can invite a cascade of cyber threats. Schools and parents who neglect this digital watch may not only invite heightened cyber risks, but also risk compromising the child's personal, and educational future.

76% of parents believe children should be taught digital wellness and online safety in the classroom.

96% of applications schools require or recommend aren't safe for children because of third party data sharing.

Do you see the gap? Parents expect schools to help keep their children safe online, but technology still possesses a major RISK as soon as the child leaves... and the parents' only solution is to black apps or takeaway their phones and laptops entirely. Which only causes the child to revolt. There's a much better solution.

What's The Key?

Cyber Safety Awareness

(For Parents & Children)

The main objective is to increase Cyber Safety Awareness, addressing the critical gap in parental knowledge. Many parents, often due to their own limited understanding, fail to educate their children about online dangers. This leaves a crucial role for schools to fill – equipping parents with the knowledge and tools they need to safeguard their children.

The benefit of raising awareness is it makes it easy for parents to spot legitimate online dangers (or the signs of danger) and know exactly what to do when the difficult situation arises.

Increased awareness allows parents to better supervise and guide their children’s online interactions. They become instinctual, which helps them identify and respond to online risks swiftly, and effectively, even when not actively focused on them.

This approach aims to connect the dots between potential online dangers and their real-world consequences. By fostering this cyber awareness instinct in parents, we create a dual layer of protection – in the home and at school – ensuring a safer, more secure digital experience for our children.

What is 'cyber safety awareness'?

Often referred to as "being cyber smart" or "online savvy", cyber safety awareness refers to a state of informed vigilance and proactive measures. Almost everyone has encountered a digital threat, yet with the right knowledge, these threats can be mitigated.

When you're aware of cyber safety:

Digital threats are identified swiftly, and preventive actions are taken instinctively. You become totally engaged, at one, with a secure digital environment. Throughout a state of cyber safety awareness, the resilience and safety of the school community drastically increase.

The Mission

Why is Cyber Safety Awareness Our Focus?

Research spanning more than five years has consistently shown that robust cyber safety awareness is key in significantly reducing online vulnerabilities and protecting against threats that can have lasting impacts on childrens' lives.

Recognizing early signs of online threats, arming both educators and parents with the tools for informed decision-making, and fostering quick, effective responses are crucial in creating a sustainable digital environment. This approach, centered on responsible digital behavior, relies on strong collaboration. The key is to empower BOTH educators and parents to create a long-term solution to fighting back. Working together is the key to protecting children online.

Parents are looking to YOU to inform and educate them & their children.

What Does Cyber Safety Training Achieve?

(Build A Strong, Safe Community Together)


Empower Children With Digital Resilience

Help students thrive in the digital world by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to navigate online challenges, ensuring their digital journey contributes positively to their personal growth.


Builds Community & Forges Strong Bonds

Establish your school as a proactive leader in cyber safety & preventatives measures, attracting parents who value well-rounded, safe digital environments for their children.


Cultivate A Collaborative Cyber Safe Culture

Foster strong partnerships between parents and schools, working together to continuously reinforce cyber safety practices, thus creating a lasting, positive impact on the school community.


Promote Digital Wellbeing & Mental Health

Through Cyber Safety Training, help your school community navigate the digital world confidently and securely, contributing to overall mental wellbeing and a positive online experience - from teacher, to parent, to student.

"We are re-defining and communicating the importance of cyber safety to educate, motivate, and create a secure digital space for children, parents, and school staff alike..."

Our Method

The Family Engagement System

Is an interactive, online-based learning method designed specifically for schools to help instill long-lasting cyber safety awareness AND adoption while optimizing the parent's time, attention, and school resources.

Here's Everything Included:


3-Step Simple Cyber Safety System

⮕ Parents uncover hidden dangers & consequences of online usage behind every click.

⮕ Discover this 3-step foolproof formula to shield children from ALL online threats.

⮕ Get a step-by-step proven gameplan to implement cyber safety awareness within the home (no tech experience required).


Parent Engagement Boost PRO Pack

⮕ Explode your parent attendance rates—experience up to a staggering 192X increase!

⮕ Unlock the secret attendance-boosting tactics that top schools use to skyrocket parent participation in their training.

⮕ Hassle-free emulation. Copy, emulate, and deploy.


Parent Prizes & Exclusive Community Rewards

⮕ Create excitement within your community leveraging unique gifts and special prizes that parents can't wait to win.

⮕ Reward parents VIP access to groundbreaking, members-only cyber safety trainings they can't find anywhere else.

⮕ Deliver a monthly dose of 'awareness' with 'Cyber Alert' newsletters, keeping parents one step ahead of the latest digital threats.


Done-For-You Social Media & Email Strategy Guide

⮕ Our fail-proof content schedule that packs your training sessions with eager parents, ready to learn & engage.

⮕ Use our pre-crafted email and social media sequence to fill seats with parents who are ready to take action. Just copy, paste, send!

⮕ Roll out your high-impact training event in minutes with our 'plug-and-play' training kit—parents won't just sign up, they'll show up.

How The Process Works

Step 1: Get Instant Access To Our Cyber Safe Member's Area

You'll get immediate access to our Cyber Safe School training portal equipped with full library access to our Cyber Safety training system, parents engagement PRO pack, done-for-you social media & email templates, plus much more to help you connect & engage your community to support a true shift in Cyber Safety. Everything is at your fingertips, and delivered step-by-step so you can create immediate impact with your community.

Step 2: Build Parent Excitement

Boosting engagement and attracting hundreds of parents is now simple, easy, and fun for you! Just copy-n-paste our done-for-you social media posts and email templates to your list of parents to raise awareness and build excitement! You'll get a step-by-step schedule of what to post, where to post, and best practices so you know exactly what to do to raise positive awareness around your safety trainings. This system is proven to turn busy parents into proactive participants within your program and they will thank YOU for it.

3: Deliver Their Cyber Safety Training

Once parents are excited and engaged, we deliver their Cyber Safety training online. This program fits ANY schedule making it easy for parents to learn about cyber safety at their own pace. We understand schools and families are busy, so our Cyber Safety System is designed to be engaging and flexible, ensuring parents can participate without feeling overwhelmed.

4: Set Long-Term Expectations

After your parents learn about online dangers, our trainings provide them with practical protection strategies. Recognizing that cyber safety is an evolving challenge, we continuously engage with parents through feedback, cyber-alert newsletters, and updates. This approach secures long-term commitment to cyber safety, fostering a vigilant and informed digital culture in our school community.

Meet Your Cyber Safe Instructor:

Det. Michael Lemon (ret) created Cyber Safe School in 2018
after 15 years of hunting online predators for his police department,
state police, and multiple federal task forces.

Cyber Safe Schools has trained over
150,000 students, parents, and professionals
in how to help students make smarter online decisions and
empower parents to become actively involved in their children's online lives.

There is but one goal...Safe Kids!!

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